Bronze "End of the Trail" Statue

We are proud to announce The Chambers Project and Emek collaboration on our first bronze project to date, with the "End of the Trail."

The Chambers Project also produced the renowned Bronze sculptures for 60's psychedelic art icon Rick Griffin and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas/Dr. Gonzo" Ralph Steadman.

"After mankind has destroyed the earth, and chopped down all the trees, the only ones left to mourn are the robots they left behind. Rebuilding themselves from scrap parts, the first peoples are now the last peoples, standing travel-weary on a lone stump, in his medicine bag is a seed of hope, new growth for replanting the future." -emek

The piece stands 20 inches tall including the base of walnut. The base is 16inches wide. Edition of only 12.
•• SOLD OUT ••