••• New Release Poster Sales Tips & Info •••

Be sure to clear your cookies/cache day of sale so you see the most recent updates. Refreshing the sale page increases the chance you will see the poster image sooner; however, excessive refresh (using F5 for example) may temporarily block you from our website for at least one minute. Click the poster image, add poster to cart & quickly follow prompts to check out. Having your PayPal/ Stripe shipping details updated prior to a Release can be helpful.

We are commissioned by various Bands, Merchandisers, and Venues to create posters. All of our posters are Limited Editions. Sizes listed are approximate. The “Show Edition” quantity is determined by those who hire us, and are shipped directly to the band or venue. Our copies, known as the “Artist Edition” are typically a very small, numbered edition also determined by the clients who hire us.

We wish we had enough prints for everyone that wants one, but then they wouldn’t be limited editions. Due to customer volume at time of sale, securing the item in your cart does NOT guarantee your purchase. You will receive an email confirmation once transaction is complete.

We are not permitted to sell our copies until after the show; sometimes other factors may also delay our release of a particular poster or print. Emek Studios announces New Release sales through our Newsletter, Twitter and our Fanpage. This announcement includes information about how to purchase the poster: sale date/ time, edition size, poster size, price, etc.

To buy art that has already been sold/ sold out, please submit an online WISHLIST FORM. We will respond within 2-3 weeks with information about your request, and if available, purchase instructions.

If you have other, general questions please visit the CONTACT page and fill out the CONTACT FORM, please be sure to use the drop down menu to expedite your inquiry.

Timed Edition means the print will be available for a limited period of time... the number of prints purchased during this time will determine the edition size. The prints will then be made to order so please expect 2- 4 weeks for delivery. When the sale is complete we will announce the edition size and approximate shipping time through our eNewsletter and Social Media.

Thank you!


••• Emek Aaarght Gallery •••

Emek.net is the Official Digital Gallery of the artist EMEKx: An online catalog of fine art, posters, prints, books, album covers and other works illustrated by EMEK. To archive 20+ years of Emek Aaarght and biographical information is a large undertaking, and while we do our best to notate methods, size and other useful information, please note that the website is in continual production to provide you with the most comprehensive Gallery site possible.

A good portion of the art prints and gig posters (not all) are limited edition silkscreen prints and are SOLD OUT. To inquire about availability of art you see on our Gallery website please submit a WISHLIST FORM and await a reply, typically 2-3 weeks. We are a small business and appreciate your patience.