Wishlist : Emek Aaarght

If you are reading this, then you can know that wish list is actually secretly open, contact us at wishlist@emek.net with in search of or wants

A “Wishlist” is for requesting Posters, Art prints, and specific individual Handbills that are hard to find, previously sold or sold out. Typical response time may vary. Please refrain from sending a second request until you have gotten a reply. 

If you don’t get through on a “New Release” Sale or if you are interested in a previously released poster or art print, you are welcome to request up to 5 inquiries using the “Wishlist Form” on this page (one per person please.) Our posters are limited editions so they are typically sold out. However, we keep some for our personal collection that we may be willing to let go of, and sometimes sales fall through, so we may have a few available.

Please ONLY request posters that we, Emek Studios, have previously released. Submit request by using the dropdown menus & provide as much information as you can to speed up our response time. Visit emek.net to browse previously released works by the artist.

Select your form of payment, either PayPal/ Credit Card or Check/Money Order button at the top of the “Wishlist Form”. New Release's that are coming soon up for sale, are announced through our mailing list and also, on social media.

We ask that you not include personal stories or comments as this will slow down our response time; which can take a while depending on how many requests we receive. Thank you for submitting a Wishlist!

Wishlist is Temporarily Closed

We will not be selling or releasing anything new from wishlist until we have caught up on shipping and following up on requests already received.

Please check back in a few weeks or stay tuned for our next update through our mailing list.